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Juang people live in the Keonjhar, Angul and Dhenkanal districts of Odisha, They were living in the jungles. Now a days they make their living by making things out of bamboo.The Folk Tradition The festivals of the Adivasis are a part and parcel of their social life; they prepare a key to the appreciation of their beliefs in the supernatural spirits and their communal togetherness. The- same folk tradition and spirit are manifested through the numerous Vratas and Oshas, observed by the religions, the former having the authority of the scriptures and the latter being the product of social beliefs and practices, especially those observed by the women folk for the welfare and prosperity of their near and dear ones, for begetting sons, wishing long life of their children, recovery of their Own selves and their near and dear ones from ailments and obtaining salvation. Learned people are very few. Christians are also very few. Because of persecution, many of them leave their faith. Bible Translation is in progress.

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