Juang Primer

Purpose of the primer

This is the third book of a series of 3 primers in the Juang language: Pre-primer, Primer and transition/bridge primer. By the end of the second book the students would have learned all the alphabets needed to write Juang using the Oriya script. This book introduces the rest of the Oriya alphabets. The lessons are in diglot form, the first page of each lesson is in Juang. And it is a Juang translation of the Oriya lessons given in the 2nd page of the lesson. This primer is produced in this manner so that monolingual Juang children can read and understand what they learn in Oriya since many of the Juang children living in the interior villages do not have much contact with the mainstream community to learn enough Oriya. By the end of the primer a student should learn the Oriya language and alphabets enough for necessary communication and handle Oriya in standard 1 of Oriya medium formal schooling.

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